EFIR 4 system


Monitoring through INTERNET, LAN, GPRS

The Efir 4 system is developed by R&D team of Technopol Ltd. , to be used in building and operation of a modern centralized monitoring center. The communication of the final devices with the center is based on contemporary methods as GPRS and Internet.

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Efir 1 system


Monitoring through RADIO, GSM, GPRS

The Efir 1 system is developed by R&D team of Technopol Ltd. , to modernize and increase the capacity of alarm radionetworks for centralized protection, based on digital receiving stations CD 1000, IGP 8000 etc. The Efir 1 system and transmission area Internet increase globally the potentials of the alarm radionetworks that are already built and in usage.

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GSM AlarmSyS


  GSM system for transmission signals from alarm system to monitoring centre / receiving stantion CD 1000 or PC / with SMS and ringing to mobile GSM dailer for central and personal release.

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GPS Modules


GPS modules  GR-2M, GR2



  GSM AlarmSyS модули
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Transmitters - CKP 155 , CKT 401





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  Receiver central station for monitoring of alarm signals


  The receiver station CD-1000 is designed to receive and process signals incoming from end users that are secured by technical means via a radio channel or a free  telephone cable pair. The station recognizes the subscriber sites and any alarm events that take place there, displaying themin an appropriate way onto a monitor, I computer and a printer. It allows for monitoring of signal security, fire alarm, fire extinguishing and gas alarm systems.

Organization of alarm monitoring center ()


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system for GPSControl to moving objects


  The GPS control system is designed to ensure centralized monitoring and control from a base station to various mobile units (on-land, water and air). The system incorporates:


- Out of town
  - Town


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Tornado SyS

            System for group security to objects Wire and wireless

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HM - 18


Systems for monitoring distances to 300 and to 2000m.


  The system is organized and works with radio modems HM-18 and has appliance in the sphere of security, energetics, water resources, ecology and others.


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System for remote measuring of the consumed electrical energy


   The system allows for remote measuring of the consumed electrical energy from digital electrometers mounted in panels in hard of access places.


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Auxilliary components of the system


  Different components that complement and support the work of the electronic security systems.


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