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Nanoprotech Industrial Anticorrosion (210ml)


Protection against moisture and corrosion of metal details and mechanism while using them, storage and protection in adverse climate and aggressive environmen

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  • Manufacturer: Made in EU
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Price: 33.00BGN.
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Designed specially for industrial applications. The unique properties, superior to all existing liquid anticorrosion agents, are confirmed by tests in the Scientific Research institute in Saint Petersburg – “ВННИ Нефтехим” and other organizations, as well as in the process of testing and exploitation of various objects.



-         protects metal and mechanisms against humidity (vapor, moist, air humidity, water condensate, splashes, fog, rain, acid rain, chlorinated and brine water) and protects against corrosion

-         displaces humidity and builds powerful elastic protective coating

-         has a high penetration rate

-         eliminates soot, carbon deposit and dirt

-         protects against breakage of metal and steel mechanisms

-         helps to loosen the rust details (bolts, screws, etc.)

-         restores working performance of mechanisms and devices damaged by humidity

-         stops squeaking of details

-         protects scratches and fractures on metal surfaces against corrosion

-         prevents freezing of moving mechanisms (locks, hinges, etc.)

-         provides stable operation of equipment in winter

-         is indispensable for lubricating of chain gears and hard-to-reach mechanisms

-         is efficient for preservation of screwed connections, bearings and moving parts, metal details

-         is efficient for protection bearings against humidity

-         protection of metal, mechanisms, machines, equipment and cargo vehicles (trucks, cars, busses, engines, elevators, bicycles, tower cranes, machine tools, forging-pressing machines, bearings, etc.) located in open warehouses and industrial sites

-         significantly increases service life of moving mechanisms, equipment, and details in adverse conditions



-         industry (mining, processing, mechanical engineering, chemical, metallurgical, power generation etc.)

-         agriculture

-         aviation, aircraft engineering and repair

-         inland navigation, shipbuilding and repair

-         railway and restoration of military equipment and weapons

-         bikes, quad bikes, ski-doos, bicycles

-         housing and public utilities (preparation for heating season and operation of equipment)

-         sewerage

-         maintenance and repair of parts and mechanisms of military equipment and weapons

-         maintenance, repair and restoration of firearms, air guns, paintball guns, airsoft guns.



-         significantly increases service life of the equipment

-         reduces maintenance costs

-         increases service life of equipment

-         improves qualities of service

-         can be used for pre-sale preparation of vehicles and machines

-         reduces costs of self-dependent replacement and repair of equipment

-         reduces maintenance and service costs

-         extension of the service list at service centers and workshops

-         easy to use and wide range of application!

-         does not require prior preparation of the work surface

-         efficient, even when the subjected to treatment details are already wet

-         Made in 210ml aerosol cans and 25 - 200L industrial containers


Usage: immersion of the product in a container full of NANOPROTECH or spraying on the surface (30ml/m2 flow).


Duration of protection: 1 year

Durability date: 5 years from the date of manufacture.


Developed and produced by ООО «Инновационные Технологии»Saint Petersburg, Russia.


Official representative for Bulgaria – TECHNOPOL Ltd.




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