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Nanoprotech Auto electric (210ml)


Protection of electronic devices from humidity, short circuit, and leakage current. It has excellent humidity-protected, anticorrosion, insulation, lubricating and penetrating properties. Duration of protection from 1 year

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Protection of electronic devices from humidity, short circuit, and leakage current. It has excellent humidity-protected, anticorrosion, insulation, lubricating and penetrating properties.

The unique waterproof, anticorrosion, insulation, lubricating and penetrating properties of NANOPROTECH are confirmed by technical acts, laboratory tests and trials.




Protects contacts from oxidation. Protects starters, generators, timers. Displaces humidity and restores conductivity. Protection against moisture.



-         Protects electrical equipment, cables and plugs against humidity(steam, moisture, condensate water, splashes, fog, rain, acid rain, salt and chlorinated water, hydrogen compounds, chlorine and chlorine compounds, etc.) and prevents corrosion

-         Improving conductivity of the treated parts and prevents leakage current

-         Protects against oxidation and freezing

-         eliminates soot, carbon deposit and dirt

-         protects against static electricity and short circuit

-         restores electrical conductivity and efficiency of electric equipment, components, and devices that are already affected by humidity

-         facilitates the start of electric equipment straight after the equipment was washed

-         increases service life of the electronic devices and equipment

-         allows you to control your vehicle in any weather conditions



-         builds water-proof and water-repellent coating

-         completely removes moisture from the treated surface

-         preserves electrical conductivity of the treated parts in water

-         dielectric strength

-         provides dielectric strength on conductors

-         builds insulating coating protecting against surface leakage current

-         the strong capillary effect allows NANOPROTECH to penetrate in details

-         fills in microscopic cavities on the surface

-         maintains high elasticity

-         does not cause harmful effects and does not destroy metals, plastic, rubber, glass, paint, ceramics and electric engines

-         does not dissolve in water

-         does not emulsify

-         does not contain rubber, silicone, acryl, teflon, tetrafluoroethylene

-         unaffected by road reagents and weather conditions

-         health and environment friendly

-         operating temperature ranges from -80ºC to +160ºC

-         duration of protection – from 1 year


In contrast to well-known insulting sprays NANOPROTECH Auto Electric is resistant to heavy usage, does not absorb moisture, and does not contain isopropylalcohol, thylene glycol, does not evaporate, does not require additional cleansing and it has lubricating properties. Displaces humidity, lubricates mechanisms, securely proofs electric and electronic components even in wet condition, and improves performance parameters.


The protecting coat is strongly fixed to the surface and it is resistant to heavy usage. Nanoprotech can cause stroke marks and oil spots on the surface of water. The formed insulating layer repeatedly increases the resistance between the treated conductors. Therefore, it is recommended to work with sensitive electrical components after their installation.



Servicing, repairing, restoring and preventive measures:

-         ignition coils

-         high voltage cables

-         accumulator cleats; distributor

-         electromechanic and electric equipment

-         block fuses

-         fans

-         generators

-         starters

-         wipers

-         electric locks

-         heaters

-         power windows

-         cooling systems

-         sound signals

-         control unit of the engine

-         other electric equipment of vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, bicycles, mopeds, motor boats


Provides pre-sale preparation of vehicles and electrical equipment. Facilitates the start of electric equipment after washing. It is expanding the range of services of workshops.


Easy to use and wide range of applications!

No prior preparation of the work surface. Efficient, even when the subjected to treatment details are already wet.


Made in 210ml aerosol cans.


Usage: spraying on the surface (50ml/m2 flow). Duration of protection: at least 1 year after treatment!


Duration of protection: 1 year

Durability date: 5 years from the date of manufacture.


Developed and produced by ООО «Инновационные Технологии»Saint Petersburg, Russia.


“Auto NANOPROTECH liquid electrical insulation” is necessary for your car!

Especially during heavy rains and frost.


Official representative for Bulgaria – TECHNOPOL Ltd.




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