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Nanoprotech Auto Anticor (210ml)


NANOPROTECH Auto specifically for cars, motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, bicycles. A new generation product with excellent damp proof, corrosion, lubricating and penetrating properties. Prevents freezing of the moving mechanisms at t to - 80 ° C! Duration of protection of one year.

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  • Manufacturer: Made in EU
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It has excellent moisture-, corrosion, lubricating and penetrating properties. Prevents freezing of moving mechanisms at t to - 80 ° C! Duration of Protection 1 year.




The unique waterproof, corrosion, sealing, lubricating and penetrating properties «NANOPROTECH» proven technical tests, laboratory tests and trials




Lubrication of rubbing parts, chains, sprockets (front, rear), brake cables threaded connections.
Do not hold dust and dirt!
It is advisable to put the chain on bikes for every 50 kilometers.
Protects hinges corrosion and friction, efficient lubricant that prevents long-term freezing of locks to -80 ° C.
    The only tool in the world of 100% moisture repellent. Powerful protection from any aggressive impact real and long. Permanently invisible nano-coating reliably protects against corrosion external and internal surfaces of all modes of transport, industrial, household and garden equipment minimum 1 year!
    It has pronounced protective corrosion, lubricating and penetrating properties confirmed by technical regulations, laboratory tests and trials. The coatings have a unique composition, they are high-tech and very practical. Ideal for protection and conservation of Mata and equipment.
 - Term of protection 1 year
 - Shifting of 100% humidity and inhibiting corrosion
 - Does not require pre-treatment of metal
 - High penetrating power
 - Invisible durable coating
Provides long-term corrosion protection of metal from all forms of moisture. It has a high adhesion to metals and other materials. Nanoparticles entering its composition penetrate the structure of the treated surface, displace moisture and facilitate the cleaning of oxides and corrosion. Does not lose its properties over a wide temperature range from -80 C to +140 C. harmless for any material. Easily penetrates the most difficult to reach. It can be applied on wet surfaces. Long keeps its elasticity.
For protection and recovery:
The inner surface of the hull bottom, eyebrows, bolts, nuts, hidden parts of the passenger compartment and trunk space under the air conditioner on all modes of transport, doors, pipes, valves.
Safety measures:
Vial pressure! Do not exposed to sunlight and heat higher than 50 C. Do not store and spray near open flame or heated objects and appliances under pressure. Keep out of reach of children. Do not open the bottle and do not incinerate even after it is used. To be used in well ventilated rooms. Eye contact can be flushed with water. If on skin - wash with soap and water. Flammable! After use or expiration date be treated as ordinary? Waste. Does not destroy the ozone layer.
Recommendations for use:
Shake before use! Spray from a distance of 20-30 cm. After the application of surface Nano is fixed within 10 minutes. If necessary, wipe off excess. For maximal protection wait 24 hours before you wipe.
1 bottle lasts an average of two square meters is recommended to be applied at temperatures from -20 to + 35 ° C means not losing properties at -80C to + 140C. Duration of protection - 1 year from the date of application in accordance with the requirements for storage and use.
Mineral oil with high purity, corrosion inhibitors, antioxidants, paraffinic and naphthenic hydrocarbons formula NANOPROTECH, a hydrocarbon propellant
The tool protects the metal and its alloys from negative types of corrosion - soil corrosion, gas corrosion, chemical, atmospheric, electrochemical and many others.
Developed based on innovative nanotechnology.
Packaging: aerosol cans
Application - spraying of arable surface
Consumption: 50 ml / m2.
Duration of protection: 1 year from the time of processing
Shelf life: 5 years from date of manufacture
Made in EU
Official representative for Bulgaria - Technopol




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