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NANOPROTECH Grease for guns (210ml)



New generation grease for weapons: firearms (rifled or smoothbore), air guns, fowling-piece, sporting rifle, pNew generation grease for weapons: firearms (rifled or smoothbore), air guns, fowling-piece, sporting rifle, paintball gunaintball gun


  • Code: 363
  • Manufacturer: Made in EU
  • Weight: 0.210 Kgs
Price: 33.00BGN.
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-   builds protective barrier against corrosion

-   increases durability extremely

-   protects mechanisms against freezing at the temperature above -80ºC

-   increases service life of equipment by 3 times

-   helps to replace gunshot residue

-   nanocoating protects metal components over an extended period of time



-  cleans, lubricates and saves in perfect condition all metal parts;

-   displace 100% of moisture and protects metal against corrosion;

-   builds water-proof and water-repellent coating 2,5-3µm in thickness;

-   protects against all kinds of moisture (stream, dampness, water condensate, fog, rain, chlorinated and brine water, etc.);

-   prevents a formation of corrosion and stops the corrosion on all stages

-   releases the stuck mechanisms, details, screw joints, and regains their mobility;

-   is indispensable for conservation of metal components’

-   penetrates into micro activities and complex structures;

-   is harmless for metals, plastics, rubber, glass, varnish, paint, and ceramics

-   is waterproof;

-   working temperature: from -80ºC to +160ºC;

-   duration on protection: at least 1 year;

-   is health and environment friendly


Nanoparticles of the product penetrate deeply into the structure of the applied surface, replace residue, and help to clean corroded parts. In the process of gripping, NANOPROTECH aligns the surface on the micro-level (in the same way as the repair and recovery staff do) and builds a coating that reduces friction and wear. Protects against freezing at the temperature above -80C. It is harmless for metals, rubber, painted surfaces.



Do not expose to direct sunlight or heat at temperature over 50ºC. Do not store and spray near open fire or hot objects and devices under pressure. Store in a cool, dry place, inaccessible to children. Do not open or burn, even after use. Use the product in ventilated places. Avoid contact with eyes In case of getting into the eye – wash with water. After use or expiration date throw the can away as a household waste. Flammable! Does not destroy the ozone layer!


Application notes

Be sure to shake the aerosol can before usage and to spray at distance of 20-30 cm from the surface. After application on the surface, nanocoating grips during 10 minutes. The excess of spray can be wiped (protective nanocoating remains in microactivities of the surface). Wait for 24 hours to get the best effect.

It is recommended that the product is applied at a temperature of -20ºC to +35ºC. The duration of protection provided that all requirements for storage and use are met – more that 1 year from the time of application.



The product is composed of highly refined mineral oil, intense anticorrosion additives, antioxidants, dearomatized paraffin and naphthene hydrocarbons, Nanoprotech formula, and hydrocarbon propylene.


The product has been developed on the basis of advanced nanotechnologies.


The product is made in Russia by

ООО «Инновационные Технологии».

Каменноостровский пр., д. 22, лит. А,
пом. 3-Н. ТУ 2389-001-82216327-2008.

      Durability date: 5 years

      Volume: 0.210 ml




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