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Set Super Antirain (Bottle Antirain 50ml., Degreaser 50ml., Cloth for polishing, instruction)


The kit contains everything needed to process the glass of a car:
  - Super Antirain (50ml.) / Phantom cleaner /
  - Degreaser
  - Special cloth for polishing
  - Instructions for use
It covers an area up to 4 square meters

  • Code: 410
  • Manufacturer: Made in EU
  • Weight: 0.100 Kgs
Price: 14.90BGN.
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SUPER ANTIRAIN - hydrophobic coating for glasses and mirrors of cars


In bad weather, the visibility of the road is dramatically reduced. If the wheels of the vehicle ahead throws mud and slush to your windshield, if happens to lose visibility. This can lead to an accident.


After treating the glass with a hydrophobic coating SUPER ANTIRAIN (Invisible windshield wiper), the water that falls on the glass takes a rounded shape, the area of contact with the glass becomes minimal. As a result, it rolls down under the force of the air flow or its own weight.


SUPER ANTIRAIN (Invisible windshield wiper) is a long-acting (up to 3 months) specially designed hydrophobic coating, indispensable in bad weather to protect windshield, windows and mirrors from rain, mud, snow, mechanical wear out of the glass. Provides safe driving, comfort and confidence behind the wheel. The product is produced using innovative nanotechnology.



1. It improves the visibility of the road in bad weather.

2. Reduces consumption of windshield washer fluid up to 5 times.

3. Facilitates the removal of dirt, snow, ice and traces of insects from the treated glass.

4. Easy to use. Fast application - just 5 minutes.

5. Economical use. One pack is sufficient for treating all windshield ,windows and mirrors of the car.

6. Extends the life of the wipers.

7. Reduces wear out on the windshield. 8. Protects the surface 3-6 times longer than traditional means. 9. Provides better visibility at night.


Operating principle:

1. Roughnesses cause water retention on the surface of the glass.

2. The SUPER ANTIRAIN ( Invisible windshield wiper) penetrates into the micro cracks as filling them and creating a "lotus effect" on the surface.

3. The area of contact with water is minimized. Water and mud rolls down the surface.


Field of action:

Windshields, windows and mirrors of cars, trucks, boats, yachts, airplanes.


Instructions for use:

1. Apply at temperatures from +10 to + 25 ° C without direct sunlight!

2. Thoroughly clean and degrease the glass with a product containing alcohol.

3. Shake the bottle before use.

4. Spray a thin layer of distance 15-20 cm from the windshield of the car.

5. Spread compound evenly on the glass with a soft cloth.

6. Wait 5-10 minutes

7. Polish the glass with a soft cloth and circular motion to remove the mat layer on it.


Made in EU through innovative nanotechnologies.




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