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NANOPROTECH Bicycle (210ml)

NANOPROTECH Bicycle (210ml)

Price: 25.00BGN.



NANOPROTECH Bicycle (210ml)


Corrosion lubricant for bicycles. Lubricates and protects from corrosion and moisture. Do not hold dust! Released rusty, tightened details. Ideal for conservation of bicycles in winter.

  • Code: 452
  • Manufacturer: Made in EU
  • Weight: 0.210 Kgs
Price: 25.00BGN.
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Developed on behalf of the company ELTRECO specially for motorcycles, ATV, scooters, bicycles, watercraft, kateri.ELTRECO is a trademark uniting several companies worldwide engaged in the development, manufacturing, sales and information services in the field of environment, transport and information technology .
  NANOPROTECH means in practice have proven effective in protecting the metal parts, connections in machinery and equipment, electrical circuits and electronic components from the impact of cash and liquid chemicals.
  Each product has NANOPROTECH pronounced protective, anticorrosive lubricant and penetrating properties. Timely processing equipment, electrical and mechanisms to ensure their NANOPROTECH absolute protection from the effects of the surrounding environment, thus functioning flawlessly regardless of operating conditions.
Corrosion lubricant for bicycle - lubricates and protects from corrosion and moisture. Removes creaking. Released rusty, wedged details.
 - Protects metal parts, connections and mechanisms of the effects of moisture condensation, splashes, rain.
 - Restores work relationships, mechanisms and devices already suffered from the effects of moisture.
 - Prevents damage, failure of metal parts, connections and equipment.
 - Eases friction parts, chains, gears, brake hoses threaded connections.
 - Is recommended to be applied to the chain after every 50 km run
Lubricant for bicycle prevents the destruction of the fenders, tires, gaskets. Makes them less elastic even at temperatures of from -45 ° C to + 160 ° C. Extended period of operation and repeatedly.
Ensuring a high level of corrosion protection (especially the effects of reagents and salts), long-acting, long-lasting effect of protection from moisture, cleaning and lubricating properties, high adhesion to surfaces of metals and alloys, metal products.
  - Lubricates, zashitava corrosion
  - Removes creaking long
  - Frees rusted and wedged details
  - Predotvryatyava freezing of movable mechanisms in temperature to -45 ° C.
  - Ideal for conservation and long-term storage of velisipeda
Competitive advantages
Unlike the famous insulation sprays of other manufacturers bicycle grease NANOPROTECH is resistant to strong mechanical loads, does not absorb moisture, does not contain isopropanol, ethylene glycol and mineral turpentine, does not evaporate, does not require additional lubrication. Repelling moisture NANOPROTECH lubricates the treated mechanisms.
High degree of protection from moisture
 Provides good grip spray the surface (even at temperature fluctuations)
 Provides long-term protection after application
- Convenient to use
- Wide spectrum of activity
- Does not require pre podgotovkk ana arable surface
- Effective is even when the raw details are already wet
Packaging: aerosol cans
Application - spraying of arable surface
Consumption: 50 ml / m2.
Duration of protection: 1 year from the time of processing
Shelf life: 5 years from date of manufacture
Made in EU
Official representative for Bulgaria - Technopol




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