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Sico - SMS Switch for remote on / off various appliances


Comfort is in your hands!
By SMS key SiCo You control the light, whether to heat or chill, open and close doors ... Do it all with one zhest.Samo one sms from your phone via remote appliance you can:
  * Include heating while traveling to a cottage in the mountains
  * Remote switch the flow of hot water to the radiators of central heating
  * Turn on the air conditioner before you get home after work;
  * Remotely open the garage door
  * Activate / deactivate the security system in your phone
  * Receive sms, if stopped power supply in your home, and this is important to you
  * Turn on lights to simulate presence in the home when you are on a long vacation;
  * Turn weak heating in sharply falling temperatures and the risk of freezing pipes of your suburban house.
  * Disconnecting the phone forgotten in a hurry when leaving home in the morning appliances;
  * Lowering blinds and store awnings in a storm while you are away from home
  * Turn the boiler while still working or traveling home
  * Turn before the astonished children decorate the Christmas house
And many more...
 - Power supply - 220 V AC
 - Output voltage - 220V / 16 a
 - Output power - 3000W
 - Dimensions - 12.8 X 6.2 X 5.5 (9.5) cm

  - Turn the water heater
  - Lighting
  - Irrigation systems
  - Cooker
  - Coffee machine
  - Oven
  - Remote door openers
  - Other electrical appliances with consumption up to 3000W.

  • Code: 050
  • Manufacturer: Technopol
  • Weight: 0.500 Kgs
  • Rating: Rating: 10
Price: 145.00BGN.
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How it works-its plug plugs into an email. Network 220V, and the desired control device is included in the device itself. Sends SMS to the card number, is found in it, and it includes garden irrigation system (corresponding appliance). Suspend activities SMS is sent to the device, and it stops the garden irrigation system.


Warranty: 24 months.
  Remote control of appliances is applicable to devices with power up to 3000W.
Sim card located in the device, as well as that from which it is managed, owned by the customer.
  The price of SMS is according to the tariff plan you use through your mobile operator.
Sico device can be controlled from any GSM phone via SMS and encrypted message.

by Добринка Рускова, 17 Dec 2012

Това е нещо невероятно. Определено ще е доста полезно в нашия дом.

by Dobrinka Ruskova, 17 Dec 2012

Това ще бъде един много ценен подарък за нашия дом

by Габриела Георгиева, 01 Dec 2012

и на мен ми харесва като магия е

by Йордан Добрев, 27 Nov 2012

Това устройство е голяма работа.Да пратиш един смс и да си включиш топлото докато пътуваш към вилата.Поздравления




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